4 pools for maximum fun

Camping in Dordogne with swimming pool Covered and heated

Our 4 star campsite in Dordogne with swimming pool offers you the possibility to enjoy a superb water park during your stay in the Perigord.

Our indoor pool will delight young and old alike most of the year: the little ones who want to let off steam in the warm water, and the older ones who want to do a few laps, or simply watch their children on the edge. Of course, even for adults, a little dip is never out of the question!

Our campsite in the Dordogne offers you the possibility to access no less than 4 different pools, for you and your children. There are:

The swimming pool, to do lengths quietly under the sun of the Dordogne;
The pool of reception of the water slides and, so that your children can make unforgettable slides in full safety;
A small pool for younger children;
And finally, a covered and heated swimming pool, very practical throughout the year;
(Let’s not forget the water fountain corner, which will delight the children… and not only!)

In spring as in summer, the Perigordian sky welcomes a resplendent sun… But sometimes, some unwelcome clouds invite themselves to the party. That’s why our heated, indoor pool is here to save the vacation and replace other outdoor activities. Thanks to a removable roof, the pool can be covered, so you have access to temperate water, rain or shine.

With its depth of 1.6 m and its large surface (120 m²), the covered pool is ideal for adults wishing to swim a few laps in peace: a few lengths will do you a world of good! Children can also join you, provided they are well supervised and equipped.

The swimming pool of our 4-star campsite in the Dordogne is perfect to spend unforgettable moments with your family: why not teach the youngest to swim, for example? It’s time to leave the armbands in the closet for this little Michael Phelps in the making! Our indoor pool is a place of learning, fun, and safety for the whole family. You are not safe from making unforgettable memories!

Recommendations and services of the campsite

We offer a wide range of accessories and buoys for all sizes. However, children should not be left unattended around the pools. In addition, for boys, we ask that they wear swimming trunks, rather than shorts.

Discover our Heated and covered swimming pool

The roof and temperature of our heated and covered pool make it ideal for swimming in any season. The water in this pool is kept at a very pleasant temperature during the day, ensuring a comfortable and optimal swimming experience, even if the temperature drops outside.

Should the sun continue to shine, the heated pool is also suitable for hot days. Come and spend some relaxing moments on our lounge chairs. They are located in an area adjacent to the indoor pool, slightly set back. This will allow you to enjoy the sunshine without getting splashed: no question of getting water in your soda glass! Finally, this space is ideal for lazing around

But the heated indoor pool is not the only one available to you. If the weather is nice, you can also try our large pool, or our slides for young and old. The water of our pools is very pleasant, in order to offer you the comfort of a great campsite in the heart of the most beautiful country in the world (the Dordogne, or France, it’s your choice).

More broadly, our range ofattractions offers a wide variety of experiences and activities for the whole family.

A swimming pool… and so much more!

Our 4 star campsite in the Dordogne gives you the possibility to swim in a quality swimming pool and pools. But it also offers you so much more: whether it is for accommodation, food, or outdoor activities, spending your vacations or a few days in the Perigord is an exceptional experience that brings you back to the heart of France.

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Discover the natural sites close to the campsite, or the exceptional gastronomy of this traditional land! The Perigord gastronomy abounds in succulent dishes that will delight all taste buds. Once you’ve had your fill, wait an hour and then take a dip in the pool – you’ve earned it!