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Spring, with its long-awaited arrival, transforms Camping Le Moulin de Paulhiac into a magical place, offering visitors an unforgettable getaway in the heart of Périgord Noir, one of the pearls of the Dordogne. Dordogne Campsite.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the renewed splendor of nature, the melodious songs of birds, and an atmosphere imbued with serenity. Welcome to a spring getaway where every day is a celebration of outdoor living. Let us guide you through the reasons why spring is the ultimate season for a camping getaway in the Dordogne.

Camping Dordogne Nature

The Awakening of Nature

In spring, nature is reborn with an explosion of colors and fragrances. Flowers bloom, trees bud, creating a tableau vivant that transforms the campsite into a veritable Garden of Eden. At Camping Le Moulin de Paulhiac, you’ll discover a wide variety of trees and plants that will provide shade all day long on your pitch. Camping Dordogne Nature becomes an oasis where biodiversity flourishes, offering a unique experience for nature lovers.

Le Chant des Animaux

Nestled in the heart of the Dordogne countryside, our campsite is a unique stopover for animals. In spring, the campsite becomes a natural symphony. During the day, you can listen to the melodious songs of birds: Kingfisher, Robin, Mallard, Ashy Heron, to name but a few. You may also come across hinds, deer, roe deer, squirrels, wild boar and foxes. A Dordogne Nature riverside campsite also brings its own sounds and wildlife. Here you’ll find some of the Dordogne’s most emblematic species, such as the European mink and otter.

Explosion of Colors and Smells

Spring unveils a dazzling palette of colors. From the brightly hued wildflowers to the tender greens of budding leaves, the campsite is transformed into an artistic tableau. As you stroll along the paths of the Dordogne campsite, you’ll be greeted by natural, fresh smells. Indeed, spring reveals all the scents of nature.

Did you know ? The Wild Orchid is a protected plant, and we’re proud to see it growing on our campsite.

Camping Dordogne Calme

Peace and quiet

Escape the daily hustle and bustle in spring. The campsite offers renewed tranquility, allowing visitors to recharge their batteries in the midst of soothing nature. Here, everything is done to reconnect you with Nature. Relax and enjoy the space and tranquillity of the area. Discover the perfect harmony between nature and tranquility, making Camping Le Moulin de Paulhiac a true haven of peace, the best example of Camping Dordogne Calme.

Zen atmosphere

The spring season brings a zen atmosphere to the campsite. The lush green spaces, combined with the ambient calm, create an environment conducive to relaxation and meditation. In the evening, just listen to the silence and raise your eyes to the sky to understand that wealth is all around you. Camping Dordogne Calme becomes a refuge where every moment is an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Less crowds

Avoid the summer crowds and enjoy camping in peace and quiet. Spring attracts fewer visitors, offering a more intimate and exclusive experience. At this time of year, strolls through France’s most beautiful villages and visits to tourist sites become privileged experiences, providing an authentic connection with the region’s heritage. Far from the hustle and bustle of summer, spring reveals an unspoilt face of the Dordogne, offering visitors the opportunity to discover the region in an intimate and exclusive way, at their own pace. A quiet Dordogne campsite that lends itself to moments of serenity and discovery, far from the noise and bustle.

Camping Dordogne: There’s so much more!

Clement temperatures

Enjoy ideal spring temperatures. Whether you prefer a lazy day by the river by the riveror by our heated heated poolsor a hike through the surrounding trails, spring offers mild, pleasant weather in Camping Dordogne.

Longer days

With spring, the days lengthen, offering more hours of daylight to explore and enjoy activities. It’s the perfect time for twilight strolls or evenings on the terrace, enjoying tasty dishes in the campsite restaurant or one of our cocktails.

More Affordable Stays

Spring offers the advantage of more attractive rates. It’s the perfect season for an economical vacation without compromising the quality of the camping experience. Browse our special offers on our website and subscribe to our social networks Facebook and Instagram to know all the best offers for your stay in Camping Dordogne.


At Camping Le Moulin de Paulhiac, spring isn’t just a season, it’s an experience. Join us to experience the magic of this season in the heart of the Dordogne, where every moment becomes a springtime eternity. Come and discover why spring is so much more than a season, it’s an unforgettable journey into the paradise of Camping Dordogne.

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