Nature at its best at Camping Dordogne Le Moulin de Paulhiac

Introduction: Camping in the Dordogne rhymes with Nature

There’s little doubt that the Dordogne is one of the most natural places in France. What could be more natural than to come and spend your vacations in this beautiful region and more particularly in the
Dordogne campsite

Welcome to our natural sanctuary, this little corner of paradise where Camping Le Moulin de Paulhiac presents itself as a backdrop where every corner tells a story of symbiosis between man and his environment.

Camping Dordogne Nature : An Authentic Connection

A charming campsite with an abundance of nature

As soon as you arrive at our campsite, you’ll notice that the lush green landscapes of the Dordogne dominate much of the area. Each spacious pitch blends harmoniously with nature, inviting you to reconnect with the very essence of outdoor living. But our commitment to nature doesn’t stop there. Don’t hesitate to venture beyond the campsite boundaries, whether along the river through fields and meadows, or with your feet in the water in the shade of the trees lining the Céou River. Take the opportunity to listen to the sounds around you – we guarantee an authentic show.

Majestic trees and emblematic walnut trees of the Dordogne

Our campsite is adorned with a variety ofmajestic trees, including walnut trees. Symbols of the Dordogne, these trees offer much more than just refreshing shade. Their fruits, walnuts, are an invitation to sample the region’s rich gastronomy. From mid-October onwards, we harvest between 1 and 3 tons of nuts for oil, cakes and delicious salads.

Our campsite in Dordogne with Mini-Ferme

Explore our mini-farm, a quiet, relaxing space where you can connect a little more with nature. Meet our feathered and furry friends (goats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, …), animals that add an authentic touch to your camping experience. It’s an opportunity for young and old to immerse themselves in the world of the farm, to learn and share memorable moments.

Camping Dordogne Rivière: Water adventures and serenity

River activities

Now that you’ve got your feet in the water, let yourself be carried away by the charms of the Dordogne as you explore its picturesque rivers. In summer, it’s the ideal place to have fun, relax or cool off with the family in the crystal-clear water that makes this river so charming. Whether you’re a canoeist, wilderness swimmer or simply looking for a peaceful boat ride, our riverside Dordogne campsite offers easy access to a variety of water activities. Join a family adventure along the river, or simply choose to lounge by the water, enjoying the gentle murmur of the river and the serenity that accompanies it.

Further information: The Céou River and its history

The Céou, the tranquil river that caresses the contours of Camping Le Moulin de Paulhiac, carries with it echoes of the past. In the past, its waters were a silent witness to human activity in the region. In the 18th century, the watermills along its banks were the jewels of local industry, using the river’s power to drive the mechanisms essential to agricultural life.

Over the centuries, the Céou has continued to be a faithful companion to the people of the Dordogne, offering its waters for irrigation, fishing and, of course, peaceful contemplation. Its shores were the scene of shared moments, leisurely strolls and inspiring encounters.

Today, the Céou remains a source of inspiration and calm, a river that has seen the world change while retaining its timeless beauty. By choosing to stay at Camping Le Moulin de Paulhiac on the banks of the Céou, you connect not only with nature, but also with a history that has left its mark along its serene banks.

Camping Dordogne au Bord de l’Eau: A Soothing Aquatic Spectacle

The river and its small waterfalls

For those seeking an experience close to the water, our riverside campsite is an invitation to relax and enjoy the soothing charm of the sound of flowing water. Choose strategically located riverfront pitches for uninterrupted views and direct access to the campsite’s private beach. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing swim, a leisurely afternoon of fishing or simply to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, our campsite offers an unforgettable aquatic experience.

But that’s not all: the campsite also has a rich history going back centuries.

The 18th-century Moulin stream

Immerse yourself in history by discovering one of the streams that runs through our campsite, once used to power the millstones of the old 18th-century water mill. This waterway, once essential to local agricultural life, now offers a peaceful atmosphere. Today, the Moulin is our home, where we live all year round.


At Camping Le Moulin de Paulhiac, we celebrate nature in all its splendor, offering an experience that goes beyond outdoor accommodation. It’s a complete immersion in the past, present and future, where every natural element contributes to an exceptional camping experience.

Explore the natural wealth of our campsite, discover life on the farm and let yourself be lulled by the stream, because here, every moment is a celebration of nature.

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